Interest on consumer credit

When applying for a consumer loan, no one is surprised that the loan has to be repaid, with interest. Loan providers have several different interest rate options available and the consumer credit interest rate depends on the loan product. Interest rates on consumer loans can range from minimum to maximum. It is good to compare consumer loans especially because of interest rate differences. And it is not denied that, in the case of consumer loans, the terms of the loan are also varied, depending on the type of loan, so comparison plays an increasingly important role. Just by comparing, you can find a loan product that suits you as well as a loan that has an interest rate that fits your budget.

Interest rates are generally currently low, but future interest rates are difficult to predict. On the other hand, it has been estimated that interest rates will slowly increase, at least for mortgages. It remains to be seen how interest rates on unsecured loans go. However, in the case of consumer credit, increased competition will bring its own premium, which will contribute to a moderate rise in interest rates.

The article discusses interest rates on consumer loans and their future prospects. In addition, we will explain how interest rates are determined and, in this context, introduce a lot of the Credit scoring system used in lending.

Instant leverage and consumer credit – interest rates under control

Instant leverage and consumer credit - interest rates under control

About ten years ago, instant lashes and various consumer loans hit the market at high interest rates. Instant Lips and Consumer Loans were applied for by the monkey rage, and even then, it was possible to get a consumer credit or Instant Lever via text message only. The high interest rates on instant loans and consumer loans were reflected in payment failures and an increase in payment defaults. Instant Leverages, in particular, sparked a rather negative debate, but loan products under the name of consumer credit were no better. The authorities woke up to interest rate problems and they were keen to get the quick west into the wild west. As a result, an interest rate cap was set for short-term loans and consumer loans in 2013.

As a result of the change in law, the effective annual interest rate could only be 50% plus the reference rate. Before the change, interest rates could be as high as 1000 percent, which meant that the loan amount could increase by up to 10 times in a year. Key Pillars of the Ceiling Act:

  • The effective annual interest rate for a loan of less than USD 2000 may be 50% + the reference rate.
  • The annual interest rate includes all costs related to the loan; the opening fee, the loan withdrawal fee and the annual fee.
  • Paid SMS was banned.
  • No consumer credit or instant nipple may be granted during the night time from 23-07.
  • Obligation for the lender to establish the applicant’s creditworthiness – credit history.

The interest rate cap introduced by the change of law was adjusted to cover instant loans and consumer loans up to USD 2,000. In other words, unsecured loans of less than USD 2,000 had to comply with an interest rate cap regulation. As a result of the interest rate cap, many of the smaller players ceased altogether because they were based on interest income. Stronger players in the unsecured loan market, on the other hand, came up with tailor-made new loan products, transforming consumer credit into flexible loans and credit lines.

The idea behind flexible or credit limits is to give a customer a credit limit of, for example, USD 2,500. Within that amount, the consumer can make appropriate withdrawals. Withdrawals can be as much as USD 200 or USD 500 at a time. The interest rate cap does not apply to flexible or overdraft facilities and the law does not otherwise apply to unsecured loans over USD 2000.

Determination of interest rates on consumer credit

Determination of interest rates on consumer credit

Interest rates on consumer loans depend on the amount of the loan and the type of loan. In addition, the interest rate will of course be influenced by the lender. The customer has the opportunity to get a lower interest rate if his / her credit profile is good. A customer with a good credit profile usually fills in the following points: credit information is clean, good, regular income, pays off on time, and the loan amount is proportional to the customer’s other information, such as income level.

This point is about credit scoring in the lender’s language. Credit scoring is a scoring system used by companies engaged in consumer finance. The system is based on predetermined issues and previous credit applications. The scoring system is used because consumer credit companies rarely meet customers face to face and the number of applications is high. Each lender uses some degree of credit rating in customer segmentation, and one of them is a simple Credit scoring method. Of course, you will not get the final information on the interest rate until you have received the loan offer. Of course, credit scoring is something that lenders don’t want to talk about openly, because everyone has different criteria for doing so.

Some lenders base their interest income on fixed rates, while other lenders use variable and variable rates. Other lenders have to offer borrowers a so-called carrot, for example, when applying for a larger loan amount, the interest rate may be lower.

If you currently have a consumer credit or other instant credit, the projected rise in interest rates will not affect instant loans. Of course, it is a good idea for a discerning consumer to be aware of what is going on in the interest front if, for example, you are about to get a mortgage or other secured loan.

Current interest rate on consumer loans

Current interest rate on consumer loans

The market situation largely determines the level of interest rates. The interest rates on loans linked to international reference rates vary according to their market conditions. Unsecured loans and other larger loans such as a mortgage or car loan are usually tied to reference rates. The interest rates on consumer loans and quick fixes are generally higher than, for example, secured loans and loans. This is because there is no need for collateral or guarantors to obtain an unsecured consumer loan or instant loan that would be realizable in the event of a problem. In addition, interest rates are generally fixed and based on the interest rate set by the finance company itself.

Annual interest rate is always a good indicator of consumer credit, which can be used to assess whether it is expensive or inexpensive. In addition, it is a good idea to consider the processing and other additional costs before approving a consumer credit. Interest rates on consumer loans now range from 5% to 20%.
According to statistics compiled by the Bank , in March 2017, the average interest rate on unsecured consumer loans was 4.97 per cent.

Interest rates are projected to rise slightly. It remains to be seen what happens to interest rates on consumer loans. Competition in the upswing will curb the explosive rise in interest rates and other costs. Unsecured consumer loans will definitely want to compete with secured bank loans if and when interest rates go up – one of the competitive advantages of consumer loans is that they are able to influence the interest rates themselves. In addition, new legislative initiatives in preparation are also a challenge for interest rates. Going through the bill, of course, could also bring about changes in consumer credit interest rates.

Consumer credit interest rate – the future

Consumer credit interest rate - the future

In spite of the stagnation of years ago, consumer loans and instant loans have started a new boom. Incentives for interest rates have brought about a change, though not exactly desired. From old consumer loans to customized flex and overdraft. The biggest threat now is for professionals to see consumer credit and instant advertising – which can be blatant and tasteless. Here is the next thing we want to cut and limit in the future; how to promote consumer loans and instant tips in the future. In addition, the Consumer Ombudsman has tabled a bill which hopes that the ceiling on interest rates in the future will be extended to all consumer credit, whether it is instant credit or a consumer credit of more than USD 2,000.

The popularity of unsecured loans is on the rise. In spring 2017, according to the Financial Services, one in four people had some amount of consumer credit. The renewed rise in popularity of consumer credit is bound to be accompanied by an increase in competition between short-term and consumer credit. Tougher competition is good for the consumer as it brings down interest rates and costs. Nowadays, there are more consumer loans available than ever before, and the good thing is that alongside consumer loans and instant nipples, comparison service sites have compared the cost and interest rates of loans to help the borrower find the right loan product.

If interest rates and charges on consumer loans continue to fall and there are no other excesses, their popularity will surely remain. It is a firm belief that unsecured consumer credit and instant leverage have become part of our changing society. Like virtual currencies, consumer credit certainly wants to play a part in destabilizing the bank’s financial policy.

Fast payday loans in Post Office – Find out what they are

Are you looking for a fast payday loan and have you thought of going to the Post Office? Italian Post Office offers many types of loans, for every situation. It provides Mini Loans (which we also discussed in our article on small payday loans) , loans for home purchase or renovation up to a maximum of € 60,000.

So Italian Bank offers more types of loans, with different conditions.

Looking for a fast payday loan in Post? here are the solutions

Looking for a fast payday loan in Post? here are the solutions


The loan requested from Italian Post Office can be fast if it is required only in these specific cases, which however require you to be a current account holder at the Post office:


if you have a Italian Bank Online account, with Internet Banking service . In this case, log in directly to your online account, make the request and immediately receive the feasibility. To obtain the loan, you will need to provide proof of identity, health card and a document certifying your income. You can request between € 3,000 and € 30,000 with repayment duration from 24 to 84 monthly installments;

Italian Bank. In this case you can access € 1,500 / 3,000 or € 5,000 but only if you are employed or retired and if you have a Italian Bank account. The request must be made in person at the most convenient post office. Credit delivery takes place quickly.

Only in these two cases, therefore, can loans with Italian Bank be fast, but you must necessarily already be a customer of Italian Post Office. Instead, let’s see below what loans you can get if you are not a Post Office account holder . However, we inform you that the procedure will not be very fast, first of all because you will have to make an appointment in person at a post office with a person in charge. Precisely for this reason, if you want to opt for this situation we advise you, when you go to the appointment, to bring you your identity card, your health card and your pay slip.


But we see in detail this type of loan, which is part of the case history of personal loans.


If you have urgency, go here and check the best loan for you with this comparator:





For those who are not Italian Post Office customers, there is a possibility of a loan that we present here.


This is the Italian Bank Loan from € 3,000 to € 30,000. This type of personal loan can be requested by making an appointment in person at the nearest post office, even on Saturday mornings, presenting an identity document, a health card and an income document . Please note that this loan is payable only to those who reside in Italy and only if you have a demonstrable income from work or pension produced in Italy. You cannot therefore request it if you do not have a pay slip.


If you are already a customer of Italian Post Office, you will have the possibility to access different types of loans, which are distinguished by type of purpose. However, we want to point out that:


these loans are not fast because they will have to be requested following an appointment at the post office;

these loans are tied to a demonstrable income or even the presence of a pay slip.

But let’s see them in order.



If you are already a Italian Bank current account holder and have a demonstrable income, you will be offered many loan options that differ for the purpose.


If you want to apply for one of the products that we list below, we remind you that the only way to advance it is to make an appointment at the most convenient location. You can request an appointment via the toll-free number: 800.00.33.22.


But let’s see the various proposals below.




Do you have to renovate your home? An excellent loan opportunity is offered by the Post Office in the event that you have a Italian Bank Current Account or an Ordinary Name Post Savings Book. In the first case you can ask for between € 10,000 and € 50,000. In the second case the figure is more limited and you can request between € 10,000 and € 30,000. This loan is subject to renovation work and therefore you will have to present cost estimates or order forms .


You can apply for this loan only if you live in Italy and you have a demonstrable labor / retirement income produced in Italy.



If you have to buy a house and need a loan to do it, Italian Post Office can do it. To access the loan, you must have a Italian Bank current account or an ordinary Post savings account. Even in the case of purchase of the property, in the first case you can request between € 10,000 and € 60,000 and in the second between € 10,000 and € 30,000.


To obtain this loan you will have to be an employee or a pensioner and you will have to present the deed of sale or purchase . You will also need to reside and work in Italy.


You need a mortgage and want a quick feasibility answer, go here and compare the best mortgages:




Another Italian Bank product is the flexible Italian Bank loan. This product allows you to change or skip the installment . This loan can be obtained only from holders of a Italian Bank current account and is bound to the presentation of a pay slip that certifies the income produced in Italy. Also here you can request a loan between € 3,000 and € 30,000 and the request procedure is always to be done following an appointment at the post office.


There are also loans dedicated to car purchases and debt consolidation, always aimed at Italian Post Office customers and always if you have a paycheck income.



Do you have a POST PAY Evolution? Then know that you can request a mini-loan that is paid to you directly on your card or on your Post current account.

Thanks to the POST PAY Evolution mini-loan you can request 1,000, 2,000 or 3,000 to be repaid in 22 fixed installments.

If you need a small fee this is the loan for you! You can request it by going to any post office, even on a Saturday morning. Here are the documents you will need to present:

Identity document;

Health insurance card;

Income document.

You will need to be between 18 and 76 years old at the end of the reimbursement, you will need to reside in Italy and you will need to have a work income or pension produced in Italy.

We report it because with this POST PAY Evolution loan you can manage your expenses freely and easily without having to specify the purpose of the loan. If instead you want to know how to get other small payday loans, you can read our dedicated article.



As you could see by reading above, all of the loans listed above require as a guarantee an employment income produced in Italy or retirement income. There is no possibility to have a loan with the presentation of guarantors or with a self-employed income. The Italian Bank loans are accessible only with payroll or pension.

What about borrowing money as a senior citizen | Payday Loans

Not many people talk about it, but many people do it: borrow money. Borrow a loan for your home to buy a car. The options are numerous. Taking out a loan for some people is less obvious than for others. Do you think people without a permanent contract or people over 60 years old? We wrote earlier that DEFAM offers more possibilities for borrowing money with a temporary contract. This week pay attention to borrow money as a senior citizen.

Higher age risk for banks

Higher age risk for banks

You are still full of life at the age of 50. However, taking out a loan from that moment becomes more difficult. It may sound crude, but statistically the chance of death increases more and more. For banks, this means a higher risk when granting a loan. They would of course be happy to repay your entire loan. For younger people, the banks cover this risk with a life insurance policy. This is often not possible for the elderly.

Revolving credit and personal payday loan for 60 plus

Revolving credit and personal payday loan for 60 plus

Yet financial service providers can also avoid the ever-growing group of people over 60. Did you know that in 2014 almost 12% of the Dutch population was older than 65? This group will have risen to 26% in 2020. That is why, together with our partner banks, we offer two loan products specially developed for the vital elderly: the revolving credit 60+ and the personal payday loan 65+.

Still borrowing money responsibly


The interest you pay for the 60+ revolving credit and the 65+ personal payday loan is higher than for young people. But thanks to these loans you can borrow money responsibly until you are 68. With this, cancellation always applies up to € 12,500 upon the death of the first contractor. You can also co-insure a second contractor or a higher loan amount. Finally: as a person over 60, you can already take out a loan with us from an interest rate of 6.9%. Discover it for yourself!


Credit Repair with Low Debt Relief Loans

Credit unions, for example, actually have large numbers of loans granted, first able to do so because of their traditional practices that helped them to overlook most of the subprime mortgage problem of the last few decades. It also authorized them to loan at around one percent reduce that many banks.

Particularly true of car loans

Particularly true of car loans

because many substantial credit unions have joined forces within the Put Money In America program, with a handful of large automotive organizations, General Motors and Chrysler. Getting a new car should fund the project and get a discount. These savings can range from 0 to 500, and will be put into credits by some other manufacturer. If you can qualify then inform the seller that you want to use for the program, check to see and go to your chosen credit union to check.

So, you can get cheap loans in the UK, you have to have a credit score that is great. If you are credit score it is less than ideal then it would not have been easy to get a loan at low interest rates. But before buying a cheap mortgage you have to look at the three elements. The first is that just how much you need to borrow; Subsequently, the repayment period of this loan; and the PPI (Payment Protection Insurance). These three factors must be considered before getting a cheap mortgage.

The smartest financial advice is possible from any standard bank as a mortgage specialist

The smartest financial advice is possible from any standard bank as a mortgage specialist

 If they are experiencing a lot of existing debt, it would be to seek the assistance of a debt consolidation agency. However, you might think, actually that option for me? Help me reach my goal of fiscal flexibility and discharge the burden of debt in my life? The different clear answer for a lot of reasons, and it is yes.


Combination of debt together with the way that it is better to go and do it

Combination of debt together with the way that it is better to go and do it

Someone there is nothing to call – is sure that after getting this mortgage no call is obtained from an individual in the debtors if an individual has applied for this mortgage to pay his debt. It’s like the company offering loans can pay off their sum for debt consolidation.

Make sure that your money is in order before making any more time than home loans. Check your credit and contact a reputable creditor in your area to pre-qualify for a loan. 

You can find more than a few applications readily available for people who cannot make their home loan repayments today. You have to ask your lender about these packages if you have to experience fiscal difficulties then. Some people start ignoring their lender when they miss a tax, which may not be a great idea. Alternative loan modification mortgages, such as HAMP and FAT have been designed for now the only intent behind helping property owners out.

Short sale can be better course of action if you don’t qualify for change then. remains the most effective concept, although working with the creditor can be very difficult and frustrating.

You may not need to consider the first prospect you will get just because you are having problems with poor credit. If you get in an extended with a high interest charge and long payment deadlines, then simply and have such an attitude you will experience it. You could end up being able to meet with motivation and this can intensify your credit history.

Bad Credit Loans – Credit History

The joint credit bureau together with the online loan service “E Loan” conducted an analysis of the tangent borrowers, who for the first time used the services of microcredit companies. As a result, it turned out that loans with a bad credit history are quite common.


Previously taken loans from banks – credit history

Previously taken loans from banks - credit history

74% of such MFO borrowers already had experience in taking a loan and, accordingly, a credit history. In general, such residents had previously taken loans from banks in cash or received credit cards, 58% and 40%, respectively.

These bank lending services are most similar to loans and microloans. On average, people with similar experience came to the MFI 15 months after taking the last loan from a bank.

Basically, borrowers whose data were processed in the study purchased loans for amounts in excess of the average microloan amount. This suggests that people, for whatever reason, cannot count on new loans from a bank, and then they start applying to MFIs.


Where to get loans with bad credit history?

Where to get loans with bad credit history?

Banks are increasingly tightening requirements for their borrowers. More and more refusals are received by people not only with a bad credit history, but also with imperfect.

It is necessary for the borrower not to have time on time, to pay off the next payment and the next loan he may not be given out.

In addition, there are more and more cases when people who have taken a loan have reduced incomes and are beginning to fail to cope with the debt burden. Then they turn to the MFI in order not to miss the terms of payment on the loan.

Loans with bad credit history from the company Money for the house – help in this difficult situation.


We are here to help you with your bad credit history! Contact us now!

Bank loan restructuring to an individual

When you make a contract, the bank carefully checks the level of solvency and reliability of the client, taking care of one hundred percent return of borrowed funds. In some cases, the financial position of the payer is deteriorating, and the amount that until recently was easily paid as a monthly payment has become too heavy. Restructuring a loan in a Bank to an individual or organization will allow settling the relationship with the lender.

The concept of restructuring

The concept of restructuring

If there is a serious problem with finances, it is recommended to apply to the bank with an application for restructuring as quickly as possible, without leading to a delay. It should be noted that the credit organization is not obliged to revise the terms of the contract, and the right to use the restructuring appears only under certain circumstances in which the financial position of the borrower has deteriorated significantly.

The goal of restructuring is to alleviate the financial burden due to lower incomes. This can be achieved by extending the term of the loan, by revising the interest rate in the direction of decreasing, by applying credit holidays.

In order to take advantage of such offers of Bank , it is necessary to send a corresponding application to the branch of the credit organization with attachment of documents confirming the change in the financial position of the borrower. Even if the loan has already been delayed, you can achieve restructuring.

For a borrower, restructuring means:

  • the ability to continue to fulfill their loan obligations, but the amount of the monthly payment becomes less;
  • exclude the possibility of charging additional fines;
  • to avoid legal proceedings exhausting morally and requiring additional expenses;
  • maintaining a positive credit history.

For the bank, restructuring also turns out to be useful, because the borrower does not refuse to repay the debt, but only revises the conditions. In addition, the increase in the term of the credit line entails an increase in the total overpayment, despite changes in the conditions of the loan. Thus, the program is beneficial to the bank, since it reduces the costs of recovering the debt through the court and bailiffs, increases the loyalty of clients who are confident in helping the bank to resolve possible troubles related to an unexpected deterioration in the client’s solvency.

If the situation of the borrower is actually difficult, timely restructuring is beneficial for both the lender and the payer. The advantages of using this program are many, and of the minuses only an increase in overpayment on the loan.

Features of restructuring in Bank

Features of restructuring in Bank


The largest and most solid Russian bank announces its willingness to meet borrowers who are experiencing financial problems, but in practice in order to do the restructuring, there should be a delay.

This means that it is only possible to amend the terms of the loan agreement with a delay, with a penalty charge, which means a tarnished reputation of the payer for the credit history bureau. Such a scheme of actions does not take into account the interests of responsible borrowers who promptly applied to the bank as soon as it became clear that he could not make a monthly payment.

Savings Bank restructured debt under the following circumstances:

  • loss of employment;
  • loss of additional source of income;
  • maternity leave;
  • conscription for military service;
  • death of the main borrower;
  • disability due to severe illness.

In addition to the occurrence of one of the above cases, it will be necessary to fulfill the main condition – the formation of a delay of more than 30 days.

Restructuring is the same transaction as the issuance of a loan, because the bank must reconsider the terms of lending to reflect the changed financial possibilities. In this connection, additional parameters are put forward, on which successful correction of loan conditions depends:

  1. The client should not have excessively large credit obligations.
  2. Each application is considered on an individual basis, therefore, in some cases, a guarantor will be required for review.
  3. For restructuring in the interests of the borrower, it is necessary to provide comprehensive evidence that the reasons for lowering the interest rate and extending the loan period are sufficiently weighty.

Options for restructuring from Bank

Options for restructuring from Bank


Currently, the restructuring program for individuals of the bank allows for the following actions:

  1. Deferral of monthly payments.
  2. The increase in the duration of the loan.
  3. Individual development of the repayment schedule.

The choice of one of the ways to implement the program will depend not only on the willingness of the borrower, but also on the intentions of the bank. As with a loan, the lender reserves the right to refuse to renegotiate.

Deferment of payment

Currently, the following options are applied for deferring payments to repay earmarked loans:

  • mortgage payments can be interrupted for a very long time – up to 2 years;
  • When buying a car as part of a car loan, the delay can be up to 1 year.

If the client has requested to reconsider the conditions of the consumer loan, the delay will also be 1 year.

The purpose of granting a deferment is to give the client time to improve his financial situation, find a job or an additional source of income, improve his health, etc.

Increase the loan term


If in the previous case, the client was given the opportunity to temporarily discharge his credit obligations for a strictly defined period of time, while extending the loan agreement, the client continues to make monthly payments, but the amount of payment becomes less, based on how much the repayment period is increased.

Restructuring of a loan with extension of the loan repayment period in Bank is possible on the following terms:

  1. Mortgage – no more than 10 years, provided that the total maturity does not exceed the maximum 35 years.
  2. Avtozay – up to 3 years, if the total period after the extension does not exceed 7 years.
  3. Consumer credit can be extended for no more than 3 years.

Due to the increase in the term of paying the debt to the bank, the amount of the monthly installment becomes smaller, which allows you to service the loan even with a significant deterioration in the financial situation of the client. It should be ready for the fact that the final overpayment of interest will be more, because the period of use of borrowed funds is increasing.

Individual schedule


Thanks to the development of an individual plan, the bank takes into account the specific circumstances and financial capabilities of a particular borrower. First of all, this measure is most suitable for seasonal workers, due to the fact that the level of income during a calendar year is significantly different.

Accounting for the individual characteristics of the borrower allows you to develop such a plan that the main loan payments fall on the period of the highest earnings. An example of such a schedule would be the following example: with a fixed payment of 300 rubles, the borrower pays half a year for 50 rubles a month, and the remaining six months makes increased payments, taking into account the accumulated debt. Such a schedule greatly facilitates the position of the client, whose earnings may differ at different times of the year several times.


If the client could not improve his financial situation, or it became worse, with a re-restructuring, the chances for a positive decision of the bank are very small. The lender, considering the application, sees that the client, despite the benefits provided, is still unable to cope with his restructured obligations. What to do when you re-restructure the loan? Any re-revision of the debt repayment schedule is a huge problem for the bank.



To review the application for restructuring, it will be necessary to collect and submit to the bank sufficient documentary evidence that the financial position of the borrower has seriously deteriorated.

The exact list of papers can be found by contacting a specialist organization in the nearest branch. The operator will become familiar with the circumstances that led to apply for restructuring, and tell which documents should be provided.

As a rule, the standard list of documents, in addition to the application, includes:

  • civil passport of the client;
  • income statements (2-NDFL, 3-NDFL);
  • employment record if the reason for the appeal is a job loss (or a certified copy);
  • certificate from the Employment Service;
  • a document confirming the reduction of labor remuneration (an order to lower the salary of an employee);
  • the conclusion of doctors with the diagnosis of severe disease, which led to the loss or reduction of earnings;
  • if there are many other loans, the client applies copies of valid credit agreements;
  • other documents that will indicate the emergence of grounds for restructuring.

Restructuring application


One of the main documents that is drawn up when applying for a revision of the terms of the loan is a statement drawn up on the letterhead of the lender.

You can fill in the information in the form of a sample or with the help of a specialist of the local branch.

Filling out the document form will require the client to enter the following information:

  1. The name of the bank, its basic details.
  2. Full F. AND. O. borrower.
  3. The unique number of the loan agreement, date of conclusion.
  4. Exact information about a client from a civil passport (number, date, place of issue, registration information).
  5. Contact Information.
  6. Information about sources of income at the time of appeal (name of organization, position, period of employment, the basis for dismissal, etc.)
  7. Information about other sources of income.
  8. Information about the co-borrower (spouse), guarantor, family composition and dependents.
  9. Indication of the justification giving the right to apply for the revision of conditions.
  10. In the text of the statement, the client makes his own arguments and suggestions as to which of the methods will allow optimally restructuring the debt.
  11. In some cases, it will not be out of place to list the property that the borrower owns and its overall financial performance at the current time (including costs and income for the month).

On the completed form, the client indicates the date of the appeal, signs and full name decryption.

A feature of the restructuring in the Savings Bank is the need to wait for the delay to apply to the bank, while there is always the danger that the lender will refuse to renegotiate the terms and the payer will remain with overdue debt, accrued fines and a damaged credit history. In order to reduce the risks, it is recommended that the loan payer know in advance at the bank what the chances of restructuring are and what documents will be required in this case.

Loan Strike – How to Identify It?

Want to know how to identify a loan scam?

Good oratory, convincing, polite, connection with call-center noise and extension similar to telemarketing center numbers.

These are the old but still widespread methods that various fraudsters have used to persuade people to deposit in advance. Smart and clever, they imitate voices and simulate even the background noise of telephone answering centers. All this to achieve only one goal: to convince, to deceive and to appropriate the money of others.

With some regularity, those who have cell phones have already received suspicious phone calls. Numbers with various ABC, representatives of reputable companies in the market, attendants requesting confirmation of various personal and bank information to follow up the service. It’s amazing: they do everything and are extremely careful to gain the trust of the person on the other end of the line.

Hence, below you will find tips on how not to fall into a loan scam.



Under an excuse to be a “sign” that the victim is really interested, or even, for possible security, will be asked for money in advance. They usually use the pretext of being a type of “check shorts” for the company or the like. It is a fact that at some time or another, especially when they feel they have gained their confidence and are thus comfortable, they will ask that an advance deposit be made to complete the loan. However, we advise you in advance that in order to get a loan from any company, a PREVIOUS DEPOSIT WILL NEVER BE NECESSARY . No institution is convenient with such practice. Run, it’s a blow!



A person applying for a loan, the scammer simulates (well, by the way) that he is performing all the operational tasks and the prerequisites to complete the process and, in the end, he informs that the credit has been approved. However, even so, to transfer the signed money into an account it is necessary that the victim deposits a small sum in advance. Finally, it is clear that it is a cycle: regardless of the history and context that the fraudster is using to apply the coup, in an opportune moment he will request a previous transfer of a certain amount to a certain bank account.


One of the strategies that fraudsters use to convince victims is to use several sophisticated and sophisticated names to justify early filing. In a multifaceted way, they use multiple names such as notary’s fee, guarantee, guarantor, guarantor, credit opening fee, security deposit and so on. Therefore, it is well known that it is no more than a lie to apply the coup.



You have to realize that under no circumstances should money be transferred in advance. The fees and insurances are always embedded in the total cost of the loan. The rule is clear: first you get the money, then start paying. The reverse does not exist and should it occur, it should be ignored and reported. Run away, it’s blow!