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The joint credit bureau together with the online loan service “E Loan” conducted an analysis of the tangent borrowers, who for the first time used the services of microcredit companies. As a result, it turned out that loans with a bad credit history are quite common.


Previously taken loans from banks – credit history

Previously taken loans from banks - credit history

74% of such MFO borrowers already had experience in taking a loan and, accordingly, a credit history. In general, such residents had previously taken loans from banks in cash or received credit cards, 58% and 40%, respectively.

These bank lending services are most similar to loans and microloans. On average, people with similar experience came to the MFI 15 months after taking the last loan from a bank.

Basically, borrowers whose data were processed in the study purchased loans for amounts in excess of the average microloan amount. This suggests that people, for whatever reason, cannot count on new loans from a bank, and then they start applying to MFIs.


Where to get loans with bad credit history?

Where to get loans with bad credit history?

Banks are increasingly tightening requirements for their borrowers. More and more refusals are received by people not only with a bad credit history, but also with imperfect.

It is necessary for the borrower not to have time on time, to pay off the next payment and the next loan he may not be given out.

In addition, there are more and more cases when people who have taken a loan have reduced incomes and are beginning to fail to cope with the debt burden. Then they turn to the MFI in order not to miss the terms of payment on the loan.

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